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Revitalize your appearance with Dermal Fillers at Northshore Medical Clinic. Our expert physicians specialize in combating early signs of aging using advanced dermal filler techniques. Experience smoother, more defined skin as we skillfully administer treatments tailored to your unique needs. Discover personalized strategies to enhance your natural beauty and regain confidence with our dedicated team. Schedule your consultation for dermal fillers in North Vancouver today.

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Collagen depletion, a common occurrence beginning around age 25, is a primary contributor to the development of fine lines and wrinkles. At Northshore Medical Clinic in North Vancouver, we offer trusted solutions through dermal fillers. Our specialized physicians excel in restoring lost volume in key areas such as the face, chin, and lips, providing safe and naturally enhancing results. Dermal fillers are renowned for their versatility and low-risk nature, making them a great choice for combating signs of aging. Additionally, they can be combined with other treatments like Botox or laser therapy to effectively address aging concerns beyond the face, including neck lines and hand rejuvenation.

Dermal fillers typically consist of hyaluronic acid, which is anaturally occurring substance found in the human body, particularly in connective tissues, skin, and eyes resulting in a refreshed appearance. It plays a crucial role in maintaining moisture, promoting elasticity, and supporting overall skin health.

Common issues addressed by dermal fillers include:
– Lip wrinkles and augmentation
– Under eye hollows (tear troughs)
– Cheek and chin enhancement
– Jawline contouring
– Nose reshaping
– Forehead lines
– Nasolabial folds (smile lines)
– Temple hollowing
– Marionette lines
– Hand and Neck rejuvenation

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What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are injectable soft implants that help reverse early signs of aging by addressing hollows, fine lines, and wrinkles on the face, the hands and the body. They can also add volume to your lips, lift your cheeks, and plump any area that has lost volume due to aging and collagen loss. The benefits of dermal fillers appear immediately and can last from 6 to 24 months depending on the area.

Which filler is right for me?

Each filler contains a unique blend of ingredients and works differently. Our expert physicians can help determine your best option based on your aesthetic goals. Certain fillers work best in certain areas, which we can discuss and determine during your consultation. 

How do dermal fillers work?

Some fillers are Hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers that are made up of a soft injectable gel. Hyaluronic Acid is a molecule that’s found naturally in your body. Most of the time, injected into treatment areas, it binds with water then expands, resulting in more volume and less sagging or wrinkling. The fillers are tissue-friendly and long-lasting, though not permanent. Dermal fillers treatments are widely used in Northshore Medical Clinic for aesthetic treatments to add volume, plump up and reduce the appearance of lines and folds.

Do dermal filler injections hurt?

Most fillers contain the numbing agent – lidocaine – for comfort. We provide topical or injectable  numbing as well, and icing helps after the treatment. Though rare, you may experience some amount of pain, tenderness, itching, bruising, swelling, or redness after your treatment. These effects range from mild to moderate and are usually temporary.

Can anyone have a dermal filler treatment?

Dermal fillers aren’t intended to be used for pregnant or breastfeeding women or those with skin injuries or active infection near injection sites. Let your treating physician know if you’re planning to have laser treatments or chemical peels, take blood-thinning medications, or if you have a history of excessive scarring.

What should I do after my dermal filler treatment?

Most people can go back to their daily activities after a filler treatment. We recommend to avoid strenuous exercise, alcoholic drinks, and extensive sun or heat exposure for 8-24 hours at least, to let the product settle successfully. We also recommend to try to sleep on the back to help fillers settle into their intended correct position.

Are there any risks involved with dermal fillers?

All of our products are FDA and Health Canada approved and cleared to be safe for the face and the body. Product-related reactions are rare. There are some injection-related reactions that include redness, swelling, pain, itching, bruising, or tenderness. After lip filler enhancements, there is usually some slight swelling that may occur as well.

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